500 OOPS: config file not owned by correct user, or not a file

i changed the owner of vsftpd_v1.conf file but still its not working

probably you have given the wrong user permission, check the users again using ls -l and the give the new permission using chown command.

it should be crio-user only ri8

yes, since your user id is crio-user

yes its was crio-user only but still i cant figure it out whats wrong

since you run vsftpd with sudo so the parameter should have user permission of root not others like user1. Are you getting it?

should i change the owner permission of vsftpd to root?

you need change the owner permission of only .conf file.

when i try to change the owner permission of conf file from crio-user to root it was telling that Operation not permitted.

you have perform that in superuser mode.

super user means root privilege which can be done by using sudo.
So change the permission using sudo and chown command.

Please close the thread if your issue gets resolved. tq

yes i changed the conf file user permissions to root and when i expected vsftpd_v1 file with sudo command then it was stucked is that fine?

yes, that’s means sever is listening, open a different bash terminal, and type netstat -an, and check whether you can see something like (if u changed the port) or (if not changed the port), this means your server is listening. if you see that means your issue is resolved, please close the thread then.