500 OOPS: cannot read config file: vsftpd_v1.conf [Module 3 QBox]


i can’t figure it out… i’ve seen topics similar to this but can’t make it work

Hint : vsftpd_v1 is an executable file :slight_smile:

You have to make sure that both the files have same permissions.

I guess he has used an alias for vsftpd_v1.

i’ve given the permissions now thanks for that… but now i’m getting this

500 OOPS: config file not owned by correct user, or not a file


now i’ve also given root permission


i’ve got it running now

sudo ./vsftpd_v1 vsftpd_v1.conf

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Nothing happening after this.

it means server is runnung

What to do post server is running? I cannot go further. Also, I cannot see my process in netstat -an. Although, it is running in ps -ef

it was needed to give root ownership to the vsftpd_v1.conf using chown command