500 illegal port error

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There is a topic relate to 550 error on forum

yeah i’ll check it out

still not working. same 550 error

Are you changing the remote directory after ftp login?

to the ftp_server? :thinking:

Yes. If you want to download something from some directory to your current directory then you need to change the remote directory.
Otherwise how will it know from where to transfer files

can you clarify that. so when i login… i’m the server? or the client?
we choose the directory before the login. why is that? what difference does that make?

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From whichever directory you login, that becomes your local directory
From where you want to download or to which location you want to upload from local directory is the remote directory.
Now after login, if you want to change local directory, you need to use lcd path
And if you want to change remote directory you need to use cd path

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see if it helps

so when i use the !, it gives the local path ?

Writing only lcd will give you the local path too.

right now im in the client dir. i started the ftp. navigated to the ftp_server folder using cd and used the comment get upload.txt.

the upload.txt file is in ftp_client folder.

is my path correct?

Yes you are in the right direction. Just try it .

Is your problem solved?

nope! :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

What error are you facing now?

the same 550: failed to open file :zipper_mouth_face:

Check the file permissions

i changed it to 777 …