500 illegal port error

can someone please tell me how to fix this? @Kiran
i’m on milestone #2 of mod 3

Can you check if the file upload.txt actually exists in the current location and if it does exist, does it have the correct permissions.

yeahh. it does exist and i also give 777 to its permission. still the same error.

Can you tell me the initial command that you used to start the ftp client?

ftp <workspace_URL> 8081

Did you use workspace url or ip address?

the IP address …

Try using ftp -p 8081

with the ip adress right

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You dont have to use workspace ip

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I just read up on the milestone you have to use the local client, think what would be the address for that.

Try one thing.
Start the server
Then use netstat -an
And take a look at address associated with port 8081


now i am getting this

you mean …

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You are in right direction . Try it


have you set the values for pasv_min_port & pasv_max_port
if yes then check if there is another server is running or not
if yes then kill that server
for reference see this

You have to use the address. My mistake.

Did this work @gokulsarath


it worked but