500 Illegal PORT COMMAND!

Please help in this error

Do we need to use pass ??? IN milestone 2

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Verify if your config parameters set correctly as per the section Configure the available FTP data port range in Milestone 3.
Try debugging based on the error you see. Google for that error. You can also start with a clean config file and do only the changes needed.

Go passive mode with pass

I am having exactly the same problem while I am in milestone 2, and those guys are telling to follow milestone 3, what to do? should we follow the milestone 3 first and then continue the milestone 3?
Update: I even tried adding those configuration in milestone 3, and restarted the server, but the same error was occurring so I just removed them again.

Summary: I am stuck at Milestone #2, I can successfully connect with the server and can write commands in ftp> but I’m getting error (500 Illegal PORT command) while ls, put, get commands, however I am able to run pwd, !pwd commands. PLEASE HELP