500 Illegal PORT command. ftp: bind: Address already in use

I tried every solution given in the previous form. but failed to fix the error

check for port which you have defined in vsftpd_v1.conf file and also after running QBox server check with netstat -an command that it is listening or not on that port

and also check with pass command is it working or not?

Can you please check if your config parameters are set correctly as per the section given in Milestone 3.

Also, Google some of the errors and start with a clean config file, and work only with the needed changes

i treid pass ,it show timeout

there should be two more entries with state as Established and showing something like this


how to resolve this,any hint

can u plz give me some proper hint

Instead of ESTABLISHED, LAST_ACK is written? What to do now?

CLOSE_WAIT is written instead of ESTABLISHED