500 Illegal PORT command. ftp: bind: Address already in use ,get or put method are not working

Try using ftp -p
Make sure you’ve set the listen port to 8081.

In my case I use one terminal to start server and use another for ftp also as @sukhdeepgill said use port no properly

Hey, its possible that the passive ports are not enabled , can you please check again in the vsftpd config file

is this means to add pasv_enable=YES,
even after doing this it says same error

anyone please reply to this error i was stucked to it form two days now,

Verify if your config parameters set correctly as per the section Configure the available FTP data port range in Milestone 3.

yes i have done that also, but no change in the error

Try debugging based on the error you see. Google for that error. You can also start with a clean config file and do only the changes needed.

Switch to passive mode using pass command…And then use put upload.txt

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Nothing solution is working for the above problem it’s been 3 days ,
@Rahul-Crio.do give some suggestion to this issue

which task are you getting this error in?

module 3 , milestone 2

You need to make anonymous_enable=NO(don’t just comment it cuz default value is YES)
and local_enable=YES

tell me if it works.

i had did that but it not works

try using -p when starting the ftp server.
or after getting the ftp> prompt you can write pass but -p way is better

i had also done that
it’s a new error,

Try using ls command first see if it works.
If it doesn’t what’s the error