"421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection"

I am facing this issue regularly. On a temporary basis, this problem is solved but after some time it again comes up. I just wanted to know the root cause of this error so that I can eliminate this error.

In module 4, some versions are faulty and can cause issues.

Actually I am not able to connect using ftp.

Yes exactly. Some versions of the QBox Server have connection issues. You won’t be able to connect with FTP to them.

I was trying to connect with first server i.e, vsftpd_v1 which I was previoulsy connected but now I am not able to connect to that also.

This can have many reasons. Sometimes the process has not quit properly the last time. Use ps -ef and end all vsftp_v1 processes. Try again.

Disconnect the ftp and reconnect. If the version isnt faulty you will be able to login within 2 tries.

I am trying to kill all the processes of vsftpd but again it’s get re-generated automatically.

You are typing the IP address wrong.

Should I type instead of ?

No, I mean, there is an extra dot at the end of your IP. That might be causing the issue?

I don’t think that will be the reason as I have connected earlier with same IP.

I think this is a login issue because you are getting ‘Login Failed’. Make sure you are typing your password correctly.

I am typing the correct password Sagar because this is the issue I am facing for a long time. :sweat_smile:

And which QBox server version are you running?

The first version vsftpd_v1.

Can’t really see why it’s not working sorry :sweat_smile:. Maybe someone else can help you. Also do try to restart your workspace, it may start working.

No problem thanks for the attention.

@ajay-crio Need some guidance.