421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection QBox Module 4

As soon as I run this command
ftp> get 1gbfile.txt 1gbfile_v2.txt (renaming the file too)
but getting the above mentioned error. Also, as soon as the above command is run, the vsftpd process running corresponding to this disappeared from the htop output.

But when checked in the ftp_cilent folder, the file was there. That means the file got transferred but the process stopped abruptly. Can someone provide some insight regarding the same.

Remember the aim for milestone 4. You are checking for faulty versions.

I’m aware that some versions are faulty, but now as the file got transferred, where should I put it. I can not put it in the submission file of the milestone 6 and no other milestone corresponds to this problem? So where should I put this version?

You don’t have to worry about the file. Since it is outside the workspace directory, it won’t be saved for future milestones nor while submitting your files.

No, I’m talking about the submission files. As mentioned we need to mention the versions with specific problem in specific files(to be made in debugging folder) and then submit it. Where should I put it then?

Those instructions remain the same

  • Create that particular file in debugging folder
  • inside that file, mention the faulty version numbers, that is all. You don’t have to do anything else.

Check this thread.

But this version don’t fall in any of the criterion:

  1. High CPU consumption
  2. Incorrect file permissions
  3. File transfer taking too long
  4. High memory usage
  5. Unsuccessful file transfer.

Hint: You are getting this error when you are doing a file transfer.

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Can you verify if the file wasn’t there before the command is run? Also check the server and client working directories to make sure you are targetting the correct directories.

Yes, it was not there before the comand is run. There is an other problem/confusion I’m having. Out of 7 version files, 4 are not working, and others have some other problems(which is fine according to milestones). I want to wrap up this module today, so are those four versions really faulty or am I making some mistake?

You are 3 Git commands away from finding it out yourself. Good luck :+1::slight_smile:

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