421 service not available , remote server has closed connection error

When i am transferring file i get this error please tell me how to resolve this because i have issue in file permission also but many cases have passed and i have got an issue in v2 while transferring file in local server
And i know this is faulty version so how can i check the permission because in every file the permission is correct .

Please help me

Think of it this way. If you cannot transfer a file because of some faulty vsftpd version, does it even make sense to check for permission of uploaded file?

in some version file is being transferred but the permission is same so what i have to do in benchmark file
i have to change something in it or something else???

For each version that can successfully upload/download files, you need to see the permission of the uploaded/downloaded file and compare with your benchmark. Read the TODOs how to fill the benchmark.

I m not able to find how to fill benchmark

Make your version 1 as a benchmark and according to that fill all the things

how can i make version 1 as a benchmark

please help me

Note all the things for version 1 and compare with all the version simple :slight_smile:

i am doing that in cheatsheet which was given by kiran sir so now what i have to do i have passed 4 test cases but i am failing in 4 test cases please help me to pass all test cases

Thank you

Download the logs and see which test case is failing and according to that debug it :slight_smile: