421 Service not available error, when using GET in vsftp_v2

When i am using vsftp_v1, login, get and put requests are executing successfully. But when i start the vsftp_v2 server, login is executing correctly but when i use GET command this error shows up.
500 OOPS: 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection.

yes I am getting same error in vsftpd_v2 and upto v7.
I can transfer file successfully in only vsftpd_v1

Please go through the tasks and remember that some of the versions are faulty.

How to debug these versions as these files are not readable ?

Go through the complete module read all the information and tips provided in the module, you’ll find the solution automatically.

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hey did u get this problem solved?

You’ll have to monitor the resource during file transfer for each version. Read instructions carefully.

Till milestone 2 of module 4 where i currently stuck have no such instruction which can solve this error

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@Kiran What do you mean by faulty?? Even if they are faulty how are we supposed to deal with them because we can’t understand their contents.

do you mean we have to correct those versions?

You don’t have to correct the versions. You only have the binaries, meaning you can only execute them but won’t be seeing the code for it.

The intention in the module is to observe the cpu, memory, file permissions, transfer time taken etc. to confirm if a particular version is not performing well on any of these fronts (i.e. they are faulty), compared to the benchmark.
The learning that comes in is the knowledge of processes and OS resources.

These versions (v2 to v7) are not getting executed, they are showing the above error. If they are not running, how will I compute the cpu usage?


If v1 was running properly, these should run as well. But keep in mind some versions may have issues.

@ajraj27 did your v2 run? Mine isnt running

Any hint regarding this ? Been stuck at this for days.

Keep in mind some versions are faulty. They won’t work properly. Read the tasks properly and see what you should do regarding faulty versions.

Could anyone please guide me I am facing this error for too long now and am unable to solve it despite going through a lot of resources

Can you elaborate your issue?

The idea is to take note of the QBox versions showing this behaviour and classify them as an answer for one of the milestones. Some of the versions have been intentionally screwed up for the purpose of the module. There’s no need to find a way to eliminate the error at least for the purpose of the module.

So that means if I get 421 service not available error for milestone task 2 I should classify that version in hig_cpu_utilization

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