400 response in clarifai

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    I am gettting 400 response in clarifai_tags_suggestions. I am unable to unable to use proper request.post as i dont know the model id of the image
  2. How much time have you spent debugging this issue?
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    1 hr
  3. What is your hypothesis?
    Have to check for model id

You have to use food model and its id is given in the documentation.
Read it properly. You can even get it over clarifai website.

Thanks bro i got that. I am getting stuck in accesing dictionary in clarifai_tags.
It tells list indices must be integer or str and not str

  1. If it’s a list, then use integer index
  2. If it’s a dictionary, use proper ‘key’ as index

I am still getting the same error. Can i please contact u personally.

Try to figure out the response first. Then look for the information which you want.Then reach to that required information by properly using ‘keys’ or ‘index’ and you will get it.
first try to understand it properly

I am struck in here from an hour, I request u to review where my code is going wrong.Humble request

can u tell me how to access the name field in the foll
{ “Var1”:{},
“Var2”:[ { “Var3”:{“Var4”:[ {“name”:value},{“name”:value2}]}}]}

use proper indexing though.

and i already told you keep nesting the code

  1. If it’s a list, then use integer index
  2. If it’s a dictionary, use proper ‘key’ as index

I think i have done it , now the error is comming from request.post
in that which api url should we use

Use that documentation as a reference and use curl to python tool to get the equivalent python request. This is a major hint that i can give in this situation. You can still complete all the modules. Hurry up and Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Now, sir have shared the best hint you can get. Try hard…
all the best

[] {‘status’: {‘code’: 11009, ‘description’: ‘API key not found’, ‘details’: ‘invalid key(api_key)’, ‘req_id’: ‘9c286ade33524021bf2a2ed1a4cfd62d’}, ‘outputs’: []}
its showing this now