4 test cases failed in Module 4


These 4 are failing
for increase time taking version is passing the test case but its direction is giving wrong Answer .
the correct should be upload according to the testing but it failed so i tried all the combination with upload and download still failed every time .

Similarly ,high memory usage i got v5 but it gave wrong so again i tried all the version still wrong .
I have tested it so many times So kindly check it .

Are you writing in file in correct format?

Yes ,as mentioned in the task board ,also 4 test case are passing so i must be using right format

same happening with me ,please help

If the log indicates reason of failure as returncode > 0, it means an issue in file format. Otherwise the answer is incorrect. Try working accordingly.

My answer is correct and i failing just one test case but i cant find any errors or mistakes …plz help me

If your answer is correct then did you check the file format? Did you go through the log file?

yes i have done everything i can , i have debugged as many time as i can bt still not passing the case

In ‘increased_time_taken_versions’ file, there are multiple versions you have written just one.
In ‘file_transfer_not_possible_versions’ file, there are multiple versions you have written just one.
These are some of the issues which i observed.