2 testcases fail in module 6

all tests passed but these 2 tests failed

getStockQuoteSingle() and calculateExtrapolatedAnnualizedReturn()

any suggestions



Your first test failure suggesting that the POJO is not working properly and result in zero storage of data and reflecting as NullPointerException.


Please see if you’re using the provided hints in the dto folder in Alphavantage________.java files.

follow the links provided in the todo’s, let me give you those links directly here,


1: https:www.baeldung.com/jackson-ignore-properties-on-serialization

2: https:www.baeldung.com/jackson-name-of-property

The Second test failure is suggesting MismatchingInputException, which is also has something to do with POJO’s in dto folder.

Please take a look at them, ping me again, if you got stuck.

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Hey @sudhanshu i think this will help

and for second error i am quite sure you are doing something wrong or getting confused returning list of candles by using alphavantagedailyresponse.java and hashmap concept so try to resolve this error by yourself.

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