2 test cases throwing index out of bound exception

Im getting 2 errors when i try to build, one for tiingoservice and 1 for alpha. The problem is i tried debugging them individually by creating main functions in their class and they work fine for all test cases, but for some reason the candles in mockito are empty lists and it throws index out of bound exception.

Mockito Test (note that candle size = 0)

Test using main function

Hey is your issue resolved?

yes sir solved it, please refer to my answer

The problem is that mockito doesnt accpt getForObject with TiingoCandle[] or Alphaadvantage as parameters so we have to use getForObject with String.class and then use object mapper to convert to POJO (similar to how we did in module 1). I think this should be pinned because many people seem to face this problem.