2/3 test cases failed



Sir, these two cases are failed. I am not able to find the bug. I have successfully connected the local client and server. Also upload and download the file as suggested. Please suggest how i move further.

have you copied the log file to given directory in milestone 3??

yes, I have copied it.

ok try again both those module



  • In the milestone, we were asked to save the content of netstat once we start the server, to a file. You might have missed this step.
  • If that’s not the case, you’ll have to copy it WHILE THE SERVER IS STILL RUNNING.
  • Also, check the contents of the file to see if there’s a listing of the port on which QBox server is run.


  • The milestone asks to connect to the server to do both UPLOAD as well as DOWNLOAD
  • Ensure your log file is being populated with information of communication b/w the server and the client
  • Check the log file if there’s lines with FTP instructions for downloading and uploading

first one is get passed but confirm_client_server_communication.py is failed. I have tried 3 times. Any suggestions

I have tried but second case get failed.

log file showing the error Local Client hasn’t successfully connected to Server.

I have still facing the same problem. Error is Local Client hasn’t successfully connected to Server .

Is it regarding Milestone 1 or 2?

yes, Regarding Milestone 2

Error get resolved. I have taking local_host Ip address as workspace address which is wrong. Its default address should be taken. i.e
Thanks for your, help.

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