1 test case failing in Module 3 QMONEY

All local test cases passed, Build Successful still I am getting 1 test case fail in assesment plz help

Look into this

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ofcourse sorting, tired of this test case

still not working even when you are sorting?

and make sure you are using comparator to sort it according to annualizedreturn.

yes, I consider all corner case , thrown runtime exception when startDate> endDate sorted using comparator working fine for all local test but failing only this test case I am unable to figur it out.

Hey @vky0018 as i have told you earlier your sorting logic not working correctly so just focus on that just checked your workspace.

@vky0018 As there is no response from your side on this topic for a long time, hoping that your issue is resolved, I am closing this topic.

If the issue still exists or for further queries you can create a new topic and continue there.