1/3 test case failed

‘tests.test_views.TestSocialSharing.test_post_to_pinterest_share’: ‘TEST_STATUS_FAILURE’,

please help me out to pss this test case

Did you look for the error in unit testing .log file?

yes not able to figure out anything from there
therw it’s showing
<Response [401]>
{‘status’: ‘failure’, ‘code’: 3, ‘data’: None, ‘message’: ‘Authorization failed.’, ‘endpoint_name’: ‘create_pin’}

The HTTP 401 Unauthorized client error status response code indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.

There is something going wrong with your pinterest credentials.

i rechecked the pinterest credentials,acess token and board id are correct

Hey is your issue resolved or it still persists?

but in my module 4

i am facing this problem
{‘status’: {‘code’: 11009, ‘description’: ‘API key not found’, ‘details’: ‘invalid key(7c4d679362964b39ade774a87241d624)’, ‘req_id’: ‘257378a0bd4e4c8d8b282827814823dd’}, ‘outputs’: []}

You aren’t passing the parameters in correct format.
Make sure they are correct.
You can continue on the new ticket you created